The days, weeks and months are passing by at an uncomfortable speed. It is hard to believe that spring is almost upon us, although the temperatures currently are anything but spring. The past few months have been very busy in the Jones household so I apologize for being away but I am back!

One of the things that I love about spring is everything seems to come to life again, almost as if being reborn. The trees begin to bud, the grass start to grow and everything around has a renewed feeling. As the vegetation begins to change, the days becoming longer and the air warmer I have had this renewed feeling within myself. I have had some serious reflection lately and I want to share my thoughts with you all.

Self-worth, such a powerful word and one that has been absent from my vocabulary for some time. Yes, I’ll say it for those who are thinking it, I am preaching to the choir but hear me out. We as women are so incredibly hard on ourselves, always contemplating if we are good enough, the prettiest, etc. I for one am so tired of tearing myself down and second guessing every decision. It is time for not only me but every women, mother, wife, who feels the same way, to stand up and be proud of the person we are today. We have fought to get here, we have persevered to be the women we are today. So let’s stop being our own worst critic. Are we perfect? Probably not, but who in reality is? Do we make mistakes? Most likely all the time! What matters the most is that we learn from our mistakes and move forward. Don’t beat yourself up over the little things, it does not define your self-worth. We are beautiful inside and out, we are who God has created us to be. So be proud of you and encourage those around you, take a moment and reach out to a girlfriend that is struggling and remind her how amazing she is. As I begin to heal, life has taught me that I have had to learn to love myself again, appreciate my self-worth and empower those around me. It may seem cliché some but it is not for me and I know there are others out there who feel the same way. Let’s work together to empower each other.

Another string that has been tugging at my heart is being a single parent. Trying to find the balance between my kids, my job, life, etc. is almost impossible. There are days that I just sit down and cry because I am so overwhelmed. Being a parent is hard enough and doing it alone, well you get the idea. A lot of times I feel like I am letting my children down breaks my heart but the reality is, I’m not. I am doing the very best I can. Some nights my children eat fast food for dinner, why you ask, well because I didn’t get off work until 5 and I had to have to them to their extracurricular activities by 5:45 pm. I am not Super Women nor do I have any special powers so fast food is what works on those nights. Sure I feel terrible that they aren’t getting a home cooked meal but at least their bellies are full. We as parents push ourselves to the very edge, always trying to put our kids first and at times forgetting to applaud ourselves. At the end of the day we have to take a moment to pat ourselves on the back, WE DID IT! We have made it through another day, successfully. Things may not be picture perfect but that’s not what define us or our life. Being a good person, loving unconditionally those are things that matter. As a newly single parent I applaud not only myself but others too, this is a difficult job but also one of the most rewarding.

As we enter into a new season, take a moment to shed all the criticism and embrace the new love and appreciation that each of us deserves. Know your self-worth and give yourself credit where it is due. I love you all, until next time.

Rebekah Jones
“Cherish every second, let the small things go and remember to choose happiness”

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