It’s a HOT June Saturday & I’m thanking God for my 3 blessings…
All 3 of my kids are so different from each other.

Bryson is my “know it all” typical teenage boy that has 0 confidence. But so smart & handsome. He reminds me of his Dad so much.

Mariah is my giver… my people pleaser. I see myself in her and that scares me. She puts her “wants” and dreams on the back burner to make sure everyone else is happy.

Kyler is my “happy” kid… he’s the one that finds the best in every situation.
He loves everyone & lives his best life.

On the morning of 5/30/14…We had a great life. I owned my own business, we had some great friends. My husband had his dream job. Everything seemed perfect.
And then…. it was all taken away. It was stolen from us. The glue that held our family together, the first person to ever believe in me. The most amazing Dad, husband, Officer, & friend. It was all gone. We were left with nothing but memories. I felt like my world was over. Drowning is an understatement.

But I only had 1 option & that was to pick myself up & make a good life for my kids.
It has NOT been easy. In fact, there have been & still are days that hurt so bad that I don’t think I can survive. But… I do.
There are days that I smile on the outside & on the inside, I am crumbling to pieces.
I won’t air my “family” dirty laundry because it’s UGLY and so painful.

To some, my kids may not be much… and trust me, they drive me nuts. But I can promise you this… they are MY WORLD!
They’ve been through more hell in the last 5 years than most people face in a lifetime.
I wish I could give them the world… I wish I could give them the “family” that walked out on them. I wish I could take the fear of losing someone else away. I wish I could give them the confidence that they deserve. But.. I can’t. I can just pray that one day they will learn to believe in themselves & see what I see.
I hope to be the Mom that they deserve.

I love you so much & I am so proud to be your mom. You can be such a great kid. I could list all of the “negative” traits. But the good outweighs the bad.
I know that it feels like you have no one. You are hurting so much & I wish I could take that pain away. I may be the only one that believes in you.. but I do. I can’t wait for the day that you prove a lot of people wrong & make something out of your life. You are too much like your Dad.
No matter what… I will always love and believe in you. ❤

Love, Mom

Oh sweet girl, you amaze me every single day. I worry about you so much, you are too much like me. I see you put yourself last. Your wants & desires go on the back burner. You are always asking what you can do to help.
I want you to be a kid. I want you to chase your dreams. I want you to enjoy life for you.
I am so proud of you & I can’t wait to see what your future holds. Shine bright like a diamond
Remember… I love you & I’m your biggest fan. ❤

Love, Mom

My fun kid.. the one that’s always happy.
Most people would never know that you have been through so much. You love everyone & find the best in every situation. I hope you fulfill your dreams & never stop loving. I know that you will make me proud.
I love you so much! ❤️  

Love, Mom  

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