2018 has arrived & I’m so excited to see what this new year brings for my family & friends.

I haven’t written in awhile & I apologize for that. I’ve been pretty busy! Many of you know that my first husband was killed in the line of duty almost 4 years ago. And I have lived by the quote “I choose happiness”

Well… I have chosen happiness! I met the man of my dreams in may of 2015, I just didn’t know it. We did a training exercise with our police department. I took his picture and asked around about him. He was very handsome! We became social media friends & every time he would “like” my status or picture… I would smile. But never thought much about it. I started working for Norfolk general district court in May of 2017 and he walked up to my window to drop off some paperwork and I was HOOKED!

That smile had me so giddy that I couldn’t speak…

To make a long story short… we had our first date 7/5/17 & have been inseparable since that day. Bobby proposed to me on 11/5/17 in front of our kids at our family photo shoot and we got married on my lunch break 12/5/17. Best day ever!!! We are having our wedding ceremony 1/21/18 and our honeymoon will be in March.

Yes, it has been a whirlwind & everything has happened so fast. But he is my chapter 2… my fairytale. You can’t put a time on love… ❤️ I can’t promise you that every day is easy. Our kids may not always get along, our families may not always agree with our decisions, and we may not always see eye to eye. Marriage takes work, love, and a lot of romance. But I can promise you… I will love my husband til I take my last breath & I will love his kids just like they are mine.

I will always be faithful & keep God the center of our relationship.

I’m so thankful for my second chance

Always…. choose happiness

-Rebekah Broadbent

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